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I am an experienced Documentary Photographer in Philadelphia area and I am ready to help you. A chance meeting that became another bonding experience! Gotta love a man with "Frances" across strong arms! I am partial to the Reading Terminal Market here in Philadelphia which opened its doors in 1892 but I have to say that I loved the Chelsea Market! Darrell was our tour guide and his training as an actor certainly brought excitement, animation and great fun to our two and a half hour tour (Definitely ask for him!). Gingras, a heroin user, was 24. Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME A woman, who goes by Jen, struggling to inject herself in the freezing cold in Boston on Jan. 14. 2018.
Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME Dorothy Onikute, 33, a deputy sheriff with the Rio Arriba County sheriff's office, responding to an overdose call on Feb. 4, on the side of the road in Alcalde, N.M. Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME With the opioid crisis being the worst addiction epidemic in American history (killing over 64,000 people a year) and whittling down the nation's life expectancy day-by-day, photographer James Nachtwey and TIME's deputy director of photography Paul Moakley set out to document the issue over a year. I documented my friend Allie and her friends and lovers as they struggled in active addiction and slowly lost themselves and each other.
This group of women let me into their lives behind closed doors and gave me access to make this work possible. So many moments impacted me during out time together, but when I started to film the responses to my innately curious questions, it was then that I had a very profound appreciation for all this man had gone through and all he has given. As a teenager, he saw his beloved country destroyed and taken over. Cars were backed up for miles to park. Once in, the greyness of the cemetery was enlivened with the colors of flowers and umbrellas. Each person would decorate the family grave and stand by the headstone during the mass. 


If someone knew that a family member would be away and there would be no one to tend to a grave, others made sure they would decorate and stand in. The beautiful bouquets were not only in the flowers but also in the offered kindness of others. In the beginning of June, a former student showed me his power point presentation... a simple one with such a compelling message that frankly took me totally by surprise and truly touched me.
In his brother he saw a hero. His brother is 12 years old and he can't speak, can't eat and has difficulty learning due to CDLS but Joe didn't remain in the "can't" category. He saw so much more and recognized all the lessons that his brother was teaching him. Regarding Instagram, individual social media management sessions with photographers will include a wide variety of helpful tips, from bio optimization and great content creation to hashtag strategy and community engagement.

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Are you looking for a Documentary Photographer in Pennsylvania? If you are, I am your guy. "Seeking a deeper understanding of serpent handlers and their faith, in 2011, Lauren traveled to West Virginia and met Mack, who invited her to document both his worship services and daily life. The course of her work changed dramatically in 2012, when she attended a worship service where Mack was fatally bitten by a rattlesnake. Through her images, Lauren illustrates her relationship with Mack and his family, the challenging experiences they have shared, and the insights these have given her into the tenets of the Signs Following faith - namely, forgiveness and renewal." One series is from a helicopter ride over an unidentified European locality. There are also several slides of art work photographed during museums visits.
The audiovisual components include two home movies taken in Monrovia, and six color and black-and-white films taken in Liberia by Davis in the 1950s during William V.S. Tubman's presidency. The documented route took over a decade to piece together. The images were shot in color and are suffused with pale tonalities. Prints measure 13 1/2 x16 inches. Also published as a photobook in 2012, available in the library. Belanger's series "Everglades," taken in Florida between 2001-2004, presents black-and-white images of wildlife and natural landscapes affected by the impacts of tourism, agriculture, migrant worker housing, construction, and activities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Army. This series was also published in 2009 as Everglades: Outside and Within.
The right photographer will be able to use discretion while focusing on the fleeting moments that you will want to remember from your birth experience. Whether you plan to give birth at home or at the hospital, you can book a documentary birth session with a professional reportage-style birth photographer. There is something appealing about the imperfections in an ordinary day. The best gift that you can give your family now and in the years to come is the investment in authentic photographs that showcase a real day in your life. Feeling a strong call and desire to help others, in June 2007 I left my job in Philadelphia


Formats in the collection include contact sheets; proof prints and finished prints ranging from 8 1/2 x 14 to 16 x 20 inches; original negatives (closed to research use); and over 1100 color slides. Unless otherwise noted, the photographic items are arranged in the following sequence in each series: contact sheets, prints (from smallest to largest), slides, negatives, and finally, duplicates. In Philadelphia, where Addis lives, "we hear a lot of shouting from activists on both sides of the story, but I've seen very little honest, nuanced coverage," he said. "I personally approached this project without any kind of agenda. I just wanted to take a straightforward look to see how the landscape has been changed by the drilling boom."

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Documentary, artistic, and scientific works by many of its members have featured prominently in the history of American photography. And its purpose remains the same today—to increase and diffuse knowledge of the natural laws which relate to the action of light, and particularly to promote improvements in the art of photography. Most recently, Salzmann has worked in Cuba, Mexico, and Peru, documenting the lives and work of artists and athletes in Cuba, the way of life left behind by Mexican migrants to Philadelphia.  My work has been described as "joyful, effortlessly beautiful, and timeless." I will be your Philadelphia Documentary Photographer.
I am a story teller and use movement and light to tell your story during all my sessions. Most importantly, I aim to show strong connections in my images whether it's a photo of a newborn wrapped up in her parent's arms, a child laughing so hard his belly hurts, or siblings quietly reading together. I'm Tricia and I'm a lifestyle portrait and documentary photographer in Philadelphia. The nature of photographic technology and techniques over the last century and a half has changed. Never more so than today, where film technology and digital technology both draw the photographer's attention.
Today, lenses and cameras are designed by computer, instant is a fraction of a second, film may be a digital camera's memory card, and even the traditional darkroom may now be complemented by a computer and digital printer. Since 1860, the Society has provided a place to share new technologies, ideas, and techniques. I'm still trying to decide if I prefer dirty martinis or mojitos made with mint from our garden. Gardening is a favorite, too and I've finally figured out which flowers grow the best around our home after 14 years. I've also had my images printed in The Philadelphia Inquirer and The South Philly Review and have been featured on many photography sites. In 2017, my sister -- who also lives in Queen Village -- and I collaborated on Walking Philadelphia: 30 Walking Tours Exploring Art, Architecture, History and Little-Known Gems, published by Wilderness Press.
There is nothing in the world that gets me more amped than capturing a moment I know will mean the world to you. With that said, you can find what other people are saying, some real wedding stories, and contact info below. Salt & Sonder Studio is a boutique style wedding photography studio, run by JD Land, and based out of the Philadelphia, Pa. When I have a weekend without weddings, odds are I'm heading out of Philadelphia and off somewhere to photograph wildlife or nature! As you'll see below, I'm at home in nature. No where do I feel more at peace. So it only makes sense to do more elopements! As always, my elopements are a little different.

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So far, I have worked on a wide variety of Documentary Photography Projects. For example, if we worked with a topic that had to do with how people eat breakfast in their homes in the city, we would have to identify 7, 10 or 15 families or people having breakfast. Well, each one of those people or families would be a case study. That is what I mean by a case. In the case, the redundancy, of the project in question, on the hills of Santiago,..." In this video lesson Marcos Zegers addresses the topic: What do we photograph?, which is part of the Domestika online course: Documentary Photography Projects.  Blue Van - The British Boot Sale photography project - Camera Settings: 16 mm Focal length - 1/1000 Second - F2.8 - ISO 200 So, what's the story you want to tell? And don't to be scared to let it take you in directions you never thought it could.
As an example, my latest photography project idea on the British Boot Sale was initially started as I thought the Boot Sales, a uniquely British affair, was coming to an end due to the rise of Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and alike. The topic for your project may dictate how frequently you can take photos. Hopefully, this will be regular, especially if you are embarking on your first documentary photo project. Procrastinating will not help you achieve your goals. Once you begin, you will see your story develop, and you can steer it in any direction you feel is right.
While it's important to plan, don't be held back by it. Make a start as soon as you have decided on what your documentary photography project will be. Martin Parr, 'The Last Resort' - This was Parr's first project to show a move towards his now distinct personal style: bright colours and vivid images, that captured the holidaymakers of New Brighton, in the Wirral, and set alight his passion for observing society. The series has since become a modern classic. Martin Parr, 'Common Sense' - "From kitschy to grotesque, this book documents modern consumerist culture. These vivid and often lurid photographs are both funny and sad, taking a forensic look at everyday items.
You'll struggle to keep momentum and find it too challenging to come up with fresh ideas to keep your project alive. Developing a photography project and working on it over a period of time, be it weeks, months or even years, can help you stand out from the crowd. Your personal skills and style will evolve in a more meaningful direction. It's something that you can see in all my documentary projects. The combination of portraits and landscapes just works for me. To create a balance between those two types of shots, it's important to connect with people. By showing the person beyond the illness, 'Big Brother' challenges stigma head on. Mark Power, 'The Treasury Project' - Power began to photograph the rennovation of the new HM Treasury building on Whitehall, in central London.
A grade 2 listed building, the Treasury was originally constructed in two phases between 1898 and 1908, and between 1912 and 1917. The revamped building, designed by Foster and Partners, was finally completed in July 2002. The founders hoped to provide for the British public an "anthropology of ourselves" and the project ran into the mid-1960s and was revived subsequently in 1981. Founded in 1888 in Washington D. C., The National Geographic Society launched its National Geographic Magazine. Originally a scholarly journal created for its 165 charter members, in 1905 it expanded its photographic content with the intention of attracting a wider public audience. The magazine's photography focused on particular regions, cultures, tribal peoples, and civilizations and played an important role in establishing Ethnographic Documentary as a genre in its own right.
Steve McCurry, 'Monsoon' OM Book Services, 2002 - A six-month National Geographic commission - monsoon season in West Africa, India and Nepal. Excellent introduction by the author. Illustrates the porous nature of the boundary (if any) between 'travel' and 'documentary'. Markéta Luskačová, 'By the Sea' - a series of photographs made by Czech photographer Markéta Luskačová taken in the late 1970s on the North East coast of Britain. Dana Lixenburg, 'Imperial Courts' - Imperial Courts, 1993-2015 is a project by photographer Dana Lixenberg about Imperial Courts, a social housing project in Watts, Los Angeles.
Younger photographers will be tasked with keeping the Project alive and producing the fourth iteration forty years from now. Taking inspiration from the work of the Farm Security Administration (1935-1943) and building on the success of Kentucky Documentary Photographic Project (1975-1977), The Kentucky Documentary Photographic Project II will go into each of the state's 120 counties making a contemporary visual record of Kentucky. This will be the third time in an eighty year period that photographers have roamed the state recording the landscape and how Kentuckians live, work and play.

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If you are looking for good Photojournalists in Philadelphia I am here to help you. Your photographer will work with you to develop your photo list and day-of timeline. You may also schedule your engagement session directly with your photographer if one is included in your package. Once you book your Bellagala photographer, they will reach out and connect with you within two business days of receiving notification of their official booking for your date. Observational photography takes photojournalism one step further by allowing the wedding day to unfold organically, capturing what is happening on its own without photographer interference. Am lucky that you chose me as a muse for your page.
Videographer Sundhindra was awesome! and continually hyped us up, which put us at ease since we aren't typically the center of attention type of people. Upon sharing our photos, all our loved ones commented on the quality and beauty of the shots. We truly relived the day going through the pictures, and that is absolutely priceless. A million thanks, Akash, for your wonderful service!!! Akash was so easy to work with, professional, thorough, and accommodating! We scour the internet for reviews from well-known resources. Each provider is evaluated based on the quality and quantity of their reviews, their presence on multiple review sites, and their average minimum rating. Located in Devault, Malvern, PA area, Betsy Barron Fine Art Photography LLC provides professional photography services including portraits, weddings, family, headshots, commercial, fine art, commercial and residential architecture, and special event photography.
Betsy Barron Fine Art Photography LLC has worked with notable clients such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Habitat for Humanity, and Penn State University, among others. I have always enjoyed bringing a concept to life and seeing others appreciate what you create. I'm a Philadelphia-based videographer and photographer with more than five years of experience creating stunning visual contents. content. A passion for photography combined with a drive to beautifully light the talent in their most authentic moments has helped me carve out a career in the photography industry. Specialising in portraiture and lifestyle but an expert in lighting all objects allows me to have a broad range of clients. My photos were stunning, and his turn around time was insanely fast.
His use of existing light is breathtaking, and his easy going nature made our session fun and laid back. The location Manish chose was versatile and interesting, and still, he managed to find hidden gems. Manish sees the world through the eyes of a true artist and effortlessly created inspiring and unexpected images. Highly recommended. A photosession with Manish and Sung is the best 'procedure' you can treat yourself with! Thomas's work fulfills every possible idea of fine art and would belong in any contemporary residential, commercial, or educational space. Nadine's portfolio is an impressive series of 1970s-themed fine art photography showcasing models dressed and posed in the era's most recognizable ways: diners, cars, motels, and more, all in varying shades of pastel and colors so bold they leap off the screen.
Many images have an almost editorial flavor to them while others appear to be more environmental portraiture, using background elements combined with the actions and appearance of her subjects to carry the story. Considered more traditional, the focus is on posed photos. This style uses controlled settings and can be indoor or outdoor. Traditional photos have a classic, timeless feel, and emphasize the subject. This documentary style is very popular with today's brides and grooms. It combines traditional and candid photography to tell your own unique wedding story with candid and posed images. Photojournalistic photography places an emphasis on emotion and capturing you in your most natural state. 

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I also do Event Photography in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. With me, you'll feel like the star at your own event, and you'll get a perfect look at the overall atmosphere. Strike a pose or let him shoot candid shots discreetly - he's talented at it all. Document your event for keepsake memories with a photo gallery shot by Tivern Turnbull. These include PayPal, Zelle, Google Pay, Venmo, Square Cash and more. As you search online for local wedding and event photographers, ask them if they accept digital payments and, if so, which ones you can use. And make sure to have a strategy in place for safe social distancing. If you see that a photographer is offering remote services in their profile, contact them and ask what those services include. Photography happens in person, but photographers may be able to offer other remote services safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Available for work in Las Vegas & New York. My journalism background heavily influences my approach to your commercial or creative project. I can pull meaningful media from candid and unpredictable environments without being intrusive. I make good use of natural light. Because I have worked in daily news, I can complete video projects hours after shooting, but more time will almost always lead to better quality. My work has been published in: Associated Press (NYC, NY) Newsday (Long Island, NY) Geekspin (NYC,... HI! My husband and I are both music teachers, so having someone truly understand music was a breath of fresh air. Our photographer was so kind and thoughtful with our pictures and made us feel at ease in front of the camera. I thought that having the whole package (photographers, videographer, photo booth and DJ) all in the same company helped because everyone understood how everyone worked." Planning your dream wedding or event should be simple and fun, and we firmly believe that having all our services under one roof makes planning easier on you.
In a professional capacity, I have worn many hats on set, from production assistant to Director of Photography on sets big and small. While freelancing, I have dived into the music scene as an artist photographer while also working for brands and businesses promoting their products through both photo & video work. Most recently I was the Creative Director for a MusicTech startup known as Artist Republik. While working for this company I was in charge... Zhongyi Su, goes by Christina, is a young professional in journalism and photography, pursuing her career in North America. So relax. We've got this.
Our job is to make this easy for you, your job is to enjoy the party! If you're planning a wedding in Philadelphia, then you've landed at the right place! Now that you've said YES! to spending your life together, you have some exciting decisions ahead. At Complete Weddings + Events planning, wedding events is what we do best. We're here to guide you through the planning process so you can enjoy the big decisions and leave the details to us.